Payment & Shipping Info

 Payment and Shipping Info



We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Here at Amazing Botanicals we assure your confidentiality and safety. Your personal data is encrypted as we are protected by an SSL certificate. Once your credit card details have been submitted all the records are removed from the server.

For other payment methods or any other inquiry please contact us.



We utilize USPS as our carrier and provide First Class, Priority and Express shipping options.

We ship out same day for any order received by 1:00PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday

How will my order be shipped?

All orders are shipped in standard unmarked flat-rate USPS boxes and envelopes.  First class shipments are shipped in unmarked manila envelopes.  All external packaging is unlabeled.

Why hasn't my tracking updated?

Contrary to the fact that USPS calls the number they give out (and subsequently we give out) a tracking number, the number is actually a delivery confirmation number.  As such, the only update USPS is obligated to make is when the package is delivered.  Any update they perform aside from that is only done as a courtesy by USPS.  When their tracking system is overloaded. such as around holidays, when they have computer glitches (more often than one would expect), or when they just do not feel like scanning shipments, tracking may not update. Sometimes for a couple of days.  Sometimes until the order is delivered.  Rest assured that your order went out in accord with our shipping policy.  We want you to receive your order quickly just as much as you do. Once we have dropped off orders at USPS, the only information we have concerning your order and that we can obtain by contacting USPS is the information provided by the tracking number.

Thank you,
The Amazing Botanicals Team